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Well done guys
Date added: Sun, 16 Dec 2018 13:31
Again a day with nice catches.
Thanks en special to Piet Groffen who is leaving today.

Welcome again to Peter Knibbe and friends, who starts their fishing week yesterday.

Hopefully we can give you all an other unforgettable fishing week

Cavalier Fishing News

Book on Time!
Date added: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 18:11
It's every day on the Cavalier, coming and going of sport fishermen.

After 3 weeks, Klaas Westerhof ended yesterday his fishing days. We could also drop off Eric Pos on the airport this morning. Also he had been fishing for one week.
We are happy to see both fishermen back again in March 2019. And then hopefully that the Bluefin Tuna will be here.
Have a safe flight your guys!

This morning we had again an international fishing team on board of the Cavalier.
A special welcome for Piet Groffen from Holland who just started his fishing week yesterday.
Also on the boat today Andrey Elwein from Russia, Andreas Andersson from Sweden, Björn Erlandsen and Allen Jorgensen both from Denmark and some more different nationalities.
Welcome aboard!

The catches still consist of North Atlantic Bonitos interspersed with beautiful large Barracudas.
Just above the bottom are the Snappers and other reef fishes who provide a lot of action.

We also go towards Christmas and it is certainly recommended to book your fishing spot early.
Do not wait until you arrive in Gran Canaria, because then it can be too late.
Full is full.

Tight lines and see you on board the Cavalier.

Cavalier Fishing Charters
0034 607913313

North Atlantic Bonito
Date added: Sat, 08 Dec 2018 17:09
Well done fishermen and crew of the Cavalier who caught also this Saturday morning lots of good sized North Atlantic Bonito.

Cavalier Fishing News

Barracuda & Bonito's
Date added: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 17:49
A beautiful large Barracuda and again some North Atlantic Bonito's were for today the best catches.
With light tackle, an excelent sport on the surface .

On the bottom and against the bank of the reef, beautiful large bream and a few walls were caught.

Back again from Holland we had this morning Eric Pos aboard the Cavalier.
Hopefully there will be coming also some unforgettable fishing trips for you Eric.

Not to mention Klaas Westerhof, who was also today responsible for a pleasant and successful fishing day. On board also Toni and Dave Pay from England and Sergei Morocov from Norway.

The above 5 anglers made of today a successful fishing day.

Would you also like to spend a few hours on the water to catch a good fish on your hook?

Please let me know by e-mail: or send a Whats App to: 0034607913313.
You are very welcome !

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Snapper & Blue fish
Date added: Tue, 04 Dec 2018 21:37
Today we caught mostly Red Snappers and some good sized Blue fish
This morning only 1 North Atlantic Bonito.

Well done guys

Cavalier Fishing News

Good December Start
Date added: Sun, 02 Dec 2018 11:21
We had yesterday a great start on the 1st day of December.

The fishermen caught again lots of North Atlantic Bonito, Blue fish, Barracuda, Snappers, Jack's and much more.

Thanks again guys to be one or more trips onboard of the Cavalier

Enjoy your weekend

Cavalier Fishing News

The Show Goes On
Date added: Fri, 30 Nov 2018 17:56
The last days of November, we had a great fishing.
We caught with live BAIT, on the surface of the water, lots of North Atlantic Bonito, Barracuda and different Blue fish.

Also on the bottom and on the reef, we have done this week, great catches.

Here we hooked Jack's, Snappers, Breams, Moray eel and many more reef fish.

The happy fishermen on the photos shows you that we are writing the truth.

You are very welcome

Cavalier Fishing News

Date added: Sun, 18 Nov 2018 17:27
Congratulations to Harry and Marcel from Germany, which fishermen had chartered this morning the boat Cavalier.

They had a great day and caught, 1 good sized Wahoo, 1 Amber jack, 1 Red Snapper, 7 Comber fish and 7 Trigger fish.
Wooooow, what a great day.
Well done guys

Cavalier Fishing Charters

13 Trigger fish
Date added: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:08

This morning we had Erica Cahoon from Shelton, USA onboard, who had chartered with some friends the Cavalier for 8 hours.

They shared their trip in a trolling and a bottom fishing part.

The trolling fishing was quiet and unfortunately only one North Atlantic Bonito was caught.

More succes with the bottom fishing where they hooked up and caught13 good sized Trigger fish.

After their fishing trip the chef kitchen of the famous Fish Restaurant Grill Costa Mar prepared a great meal of their own catch

Cavalier Fishing News

Date added: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 09:04
A nice fishing day ended Tuesday with the catch of a good sized Wahoo and some Trigger fish.

Cavalier Fishing News

Bottom Fishing
Date added: Sat, 10 Nov 2018 17:46
In the last weeks of the big game season 2018 we have had many beautiful and very good fishing days.
For example, the Bigeye Tuna were caught until the end of October.

From mid-October there were also big schools with Skipjack Tunas which gave for most anglers also a great sport.
Last week and the first days of this week, more than 20 catches were made daily.
The Wahoo was also reasonably active this autumn.

From Thursday onwards, these catches were suddenly over.
From one to the other day, the catches were suddenly reduced to 3 and 4 fish per day.
Yesterday and today, the trolling catches were really bad.

Starting Monday we go back to the bottom and the reef fishing.
Our permanent fishing places have been the last days provided with the necessary baitfish, so it promises to be again a great fishing.

And if the skipjack tuna suddenly become active again, then the leader is quickly changed again.

For the coming week there are still some seats available, so if you want to come along, please let us know by email: or give us a call on 0034 607913313 or 0034 607626237.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Crazy Catches
Date added: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 18:02
Yesterday, Wednesday 6 November, we had a pleasant and very good fishing day with some anglers from Finland.
Vesa Lehtonen had this day chartered the Cavalier with a few friends and managed to catch over 20 Skipjack Tuna and Bonito's.

Today another International fishing team on board. The accompanying pictures in our Hall of Fame do not lie and show again happy and above all very satisfied anglers today. Even now the catch consisted of more than 25 Skipjacks.

Thanks again: Vadim & Kirill Smirnov from Russia, Uwe Otto from Austria, Scott Somit from California, Spiros Georgiou from Greece, Cor Witteboer from Holland, Jürgen Evtl from Germany, Knut Petter Andersen from Norway and Peter Elle Silberg from Denmark.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Wahoo & Skipjacks
Date added: Mon, 05 Nov 2018 16:36
And again a great start of the new week with a big score of Skipjacks and Bonito's and a 23 kilo heavy Wahoo.

The Cavalier was chartered this morning by Anders Svensson from Sweden who together with his friends Oscar, Leif, Adam and Juan Carlos were responsible for these beautiful catches.

Well done guys and thanks again for a wonderful fishing trip.

Cavalier Fishing News

Skipjacks & Bonito's
Date added: Sun, 04 Nov 2018 18:12
Both, yesterday and today, it were again the Skipjack Tuna and Bonito's which provided the most action.

This morning we were also able to welcome again Richard Verbiest who stays together with his sister Andrea for one week in Puerto Rico.
Together they managed to catch 4 Skipjacks today.

The Wahoo and larger Tuna species unfortunately didn't show up during the last 2 fishing days.

Tomorrow we have another day, who knows?

Cavalier Fishing News

Bad Luck
Date added: Fri, 02 Nov 2018 17:49
Today we had again Jusa Ojalá & his 2 friends from Finland aboard the Cavalier.

On Monday, these anglers caught a beautiful Wahoo and several Skipjacks. So the courage was good again this morning.

But what a bad luck.
No less than 3 Wahoo were lost.

One spit the hook directly after the hook up.
A second was lost after a 4 minutes fight.
And number three was lost only 2 meters behind the deck of the boat.

Unfortunately, this is also a part of the sport fishery.

Fortunately, the fishing day ended with the catch of some nice Skipjack Tuna.

Cavalier Fishing News

Great Day
Date added: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 21:33
Even today happy faces on the Cavalier. Like yesterday, was also one Wahoo lost and were this morning 15 Skipjack tuna caught.

The Cavalier was chartered today by the Suiden family from Sweden.
Thanks again to Calle, Oscar, Sven, Sara and Marcus for this nice fishing day.

Cavalier Fishing News

Wahoo & Skipjacks
Date added: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 17:59
The first day of this new week was another day with plenty of action.
Unfortunately, four of Wahoo's bites were rewarded with the catch of only one specimen.
More luck with the Skipjack bites of which this fishing trip 10 were caught.

Thank you Ekaterina Azimina, Sergey and Nikolay Alexeev from Saint Petersburg for this great day of fishing.

Cavalier Fishing News

Wahoo & Dorado
Date added: Sat, 27 Oct 2018 16:07
This morning we have 3 Finish fishermen onboard of the boat Cavalier.
Raipa Kalliola, Rana Tianen and Jusa Ojala enjoyed their booked charter.
They caught together 9 nice Stipjacks, 1 Dorado and 1 Wahoo.

Thanks again guys for a lovely fishing day.

Cavalier Fishing News

3 Wahoo
Date added: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 16:59
It is the last 2 days especially the Wahoo which provide the most activity.

Yesterday the Finnish anglers Jyri, Aarne, Kerttu and Eero Sarkkinen were able to catch two.
Today it was Lauge from Denmark's turn.

3 Wahoo in 2 fishing trips!

Well done guys

Cavalier Fishing Charters

700 lbs BLue Marlin
Date added: Sat, 13 Oct 2018 16:12
That there are still very nice fishes swims in the waters of Puerto Rico was today once again proven by the sport fishermen Patrick Jansen and Stephan van de Sand.

On board the boat Cavalier they were allowed to fight with a nice big Blue Marlin which after a tough fight, could be estimated at a weight of around 700 lbs (over 300 kilos)

That both, the larger Bigeye Tuna (90 to 100 kg) and also the Blue Marlin are still present gives courage for the second half of October.

Cavalier Fishing News



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Well done guys